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Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement and Commitment to our Communities.

Our HSE Policy

Delta Petroleum recognizes that Health, Safety and Environment practices are essential to the welfare and moral of all company employees, contractors and is an important contributor to corporate development and success.  Our commitment is therefore demonstrated through the establishment of this policy.

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Our Top Priorities

Delta Petroleum will work continuously to achieve a high standard of Health, Safety and Environment performance through our Organization. With full management support and commitment we will:

Identify Potential Hazards

Identify potential hazards that may arise through our activities, assess the risks arising from these and institute effective control measures to minimize the risks.

Implement Appropriate Measures

Implement appropriate measures to prevent accidents, injury and health impairment of all persons affected by our activities.

Comply Fully With All Applicable Standards

Comply fully with all applicable standards, approve codes of practice, regulatory/statutory Health, Safety and Environmental requirement.

Encourage Employee Participation In HSE Actions

Encourage employee participation and individual accountability for Health, Safety and Environmentally conscious actions.

Ensure All HSE Requirements Are Communicated

Ensure that all Health, Safety and Environmental requirements are communicated, understood and implemented where third party arrangements exist.

Integrate HSE Into Business Planning

Integrate Health, Safety and Environmental consideration into business planning, decision making, everyday work practices and managerial responsibilities.

Monitor and Measure Performance

Continuously monitor and measure our performance to ensure effectiveness and improvement.

Maintain Qualified And Trained Personnel

Maintain qualified and trained personnel that ensure reliable, safe and efficient operations, while promoting continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Provide A Safe Working Environment

Provide safe working conditions and equipment to minimize or eliminate accidents.

Investigate All Incidents

Ensure that all incidents/accidents and near misses are thoroughly investigated in a timely manner and appropriate corrective actions implemented.

Control Pollution

Control pollution, effluent, emissions, and other waste at source, using the most appropriate methods, procedures and processes.


Provision of training in the safe use, handling and transportation of flammable fuel.

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