What we do

Staying relevant in every community we serve.

Delta Petroleum is only as strong as its community.

Delta Petroleum also takes pride in giving back to the community through volunteer work, donations to organizations, Government programs including schools and scholarships.

Supporting the St.Kitts Ministry of Education

Delta Petroleum’s consistent effort is well received and appreciated by the Minister of Education. 

Delta Petroleum Staff Members

Delta’s Island Managers, Regional office staff and other employees attending church service. 

The British Virgin Islands

Staff members of Delta Petroleum preparing for ongoing public promotion.

St. Kitts Fire Service 

Delta Petroleum ensures the Fire Service is properly equipped with the necessary tools. 

Supporting the youth

Team Delta regional management and St.Kitts staff Participating in this presentation.

Supporting our local pageant.

Nevis Island Manager Ms. Sharon Hobson Presenting to one of the contestants.

Delta’s Island Manager (BVI)

Mr. Robert Liburd

Presenting a cheque to Mr. Xavier Samuels Head Coach & President of Fast Lane Track Club.

Nevis Staff

All prepared and ready for Delta’s kick-off for the “Go-Delta” campaign.

Island Manager Mr. Caines 

The lucky winner receives a price from a Christmas promotion.

Soil turning Ceremony

Delta Petroleum improving it’s services and developing a stronger relationship with the community.

Delta Petroleum and NP Partnership

Promoting new products and giving back to the community.

Delta Petroleum Management

Discussing concerns with community members and Businesses.

Why We Do Community Meetups?

“Give passionate people the resources they need to organize and execute a successful future”

“Fuel a grassroots and global movement that will educate, inspire and grow a community of people who understand and believe in what it stands for.  

Incentivize our loyalty card members and community members to bring their friends along. Give prizes and create competitions for attendees to share on Facebook and other social media platforms including our website. 

“We also Collaborate with other Organizations and organizers to run events together”

Ministry of Education receives monetary donations.

During the years, Delta Petroleum Nevis Ltd. has supported the Ministry of Education in the pursuit of creating memorable graduation ceremonies for students in the primary, secondary, and preschool levels through monetary contributions.

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