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The Ultra Lubricants brand keeps apace of new and emerging markets, customer needs and technological advances across the nation and across the region. The premier lubricants brand of the Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NP), Ultra Lubricants offer a range of internationally accredited motor oils for all classes of diesel and gasoline engines, as well as other automotive products. As leaders in the research, development and manufacturing of premium lubricants, we take pride in blending world class lubricants for our unique climate here in the tropics.

 The markets we serve are:





The British Virgin Islands

What we Do

We support you and your business within the communities we serve by providing the products and services, plus industry expertise, you need. Count on Delta Petroleum to keep you satisfied.

Self Service Fuel Stations

Delta Petroleum provides the Caribbean with the best quality fuels, products and services, to ensure every community we serve receives such quality. 

Local Distribution and Special Deliveries

As suppliers of Premium Fuel Products such as Diesel, Gasoline and LPG. We provide distribution and specific delivery services.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Our mission is to consistently supply satisfactory LPG products to benefit all. We maintain savings, safety, reliability and convenience.

Marine Services

The Delta Petroleum Marine Depot provides highly recommended fuel bunkering for large yachts at competitive prices.

Jet Skis and Wave Runners

DP has a range of lubricants designed specifically for leisure boating.

Speed Boats

We supply fuels and lubricant oils for marine equipment and transport.

Mega Yachts

Delta Petroleum extends services to the yachting enthusiasts.

Other Services


24hr Service Stations

View Our specific locations for 24hr service stations and 24-Hour Retail Convenience.

Convenience Stores

Delta’s C-stores stocks a wide range of everyday items and high-value products including car accessories.

Join the Loyalty Club

The Delta Loyalty Reward Card allows you to earn rebates towards future gasoline purchases.

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